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At the Candy Store – Word Scramble

Candy Store Word ScrambleAll the names of our favorite candy have been scrambled up! Can you unscramble them all? If you get stuck, leave me a comment and I’ll give you hints.

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24 replies on “At the Candy Store – Word Scramble”

Lara – it is snocaps – the little chocolate discs with tiny white balls on them.

I am using this for my daughter’s birthday party. I got them all except hlmeedsona. Can you help?

In reference to spcanos the word is sno-caps candy the little chocolate candy with the white dots on top. It took me a long time to figure it out. I hope this helps.

Could you please help my class and I with a couple of words we are trying to unscramble? We are working on the sheet “At the Candy Store”. #4)HLMEEDSONA #7)SPCANOS #9)TTTWRSAEES #15) RSATESMI #17)DCRANCONY

Thanks for any assistance you can give us!

I am having difficulty with AMMRSBGUEY and TTTWRSAEES…PLEASE HELP!

SPCANOS took us for a loop. I had to come back to the site for the answer. If you can make up something for younger children 2-5 grade. Snocaps is old school! lol

Can you help me? TISKSETL, DRENS, FYAFT ,ZPE and LYAJNESEBL….. And I just wanna ask if it is TWIX (XWIT) Thanks….

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