Baby Signing Time DVD Set Giveaway

Baby Signing Time

Babies really can learn to communicate via signing well before they can form words – and using the Baby Signing Time DVDs and curriculum, you can teach your child to sign in a really fun, engaging way. The creators of the hit series, Signing Time, have found that teaching babies and toddlers to sign can reduce tantrums, frustration and help increase the bond between parents and children. Plus, you are exposing your child to a real second language (American Sign Language) at an early age – when their vocabulary is growing the fastest.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Baby Signing Time program and shared some of the Signing Time printables here. Now I have the Baby Signing Time DVD Gift Set 1&2 plus a set of fun Baby Signing Time flashcards to give away to one lucky reader. Whether you are already a huge fan of Rachel, Alex, Leah and Hopkins the Frog or you want to give Baby Signing Time a try, this giveaway is a perfect opportunity!

What We Are Giving Away

  • The “It’s Baby Signing Time” and “Here I Go” Baby Signing Time DVDs plus flashcard Set 3: A New Day (all pictured above)

How To Enter

  • Leave us a comment telling us the first sign you taught your child, what signs you think would be most helpful to learn or your favorite feature of the Baby Signing Time program.
  • Get a bonus entry if you let your friends online know about our giveaway – whether it is by posting about it on your own blog, giving a shout out on Twitter (we are @Printables4Kids), Facebook (become a fan of Printables4Kids while you are there) or your favorite social media site – help us spread the word about the Baby Signing Time DVD giveaway. Come back and leave a second comment telling us where you shared it.


  • Leave your comment(s) no later than midnight November 23, 2009.
  • You must use your real name and email address in the comment form below – don’t put your email address in the comment itself. We do not share your information with anyone and will not use it to contact you unless you are a winner.
  • We will be using to select one (1) winner.

If you have older children, homeschool, want to introduce signing in the classroom or just want to learn American Sign Language yourself, Signing Time just introduced their Signing Time DVD of the Month program that gives you a new DVD each month, making their already effective program even more convenient.

33 replies on “Baby Signing Time DVD Set Giveaway”

My baby’s first sign was more. I would love if signing would help reduce tantrums since it would give my son a way to communicate until he can form the words.

We taught milk and all done signs first ones they picked up on
I think the I don’t feel well and where is good too.
I love that they can express themselves not alot of tantrums in this household

My son has autism and his first sign was More he is now able to use words but he attends a public school for kids with autism and many of the younger children still can not speak at all. It would be great to win these and give them to the school as they do not have enough of these DVD’s to go around to all of the classrooms.

The first sign that I taught my daughter was “more”. It helped alot when we were starting to feed her solid foods. Helped to determine which foods she liked and which ones she didn’t. If I win these DVDs, they will be the perfect gift for my sis in law for my niece. She is getting to the perfect age to start teaching her the basic signs for communication!


I’ve always wanted to teach my baby to sign. I think we could most benefit from her learning to sign eat and more. Simple requests that would be nice for her to be able to tell me. Thanks!

The first sign I taught my children was more then please shortly afterward. I am an Occupational Therapist with infants and toddlers. We have recommended theses videos numerous times. They are great.

I’ve tried teaching my toddler several signs but the first she picked up on was “more” and then she added “all done” the next day. I love the Signing Time program!

My son first learnt the sign “more” after watching Signing Time DVD. He was particularly intrigued by Hopkins the Frog. The next sign that I think would be useful is ‘keep quiet’ as he reaching the ‘terrible two” stage when he tends to scream or shout.

our first baby is due in March, as a pre-k teacher, i can’t wait to start signing with my child… everyone has recommended signing times though to help us out!

My son first learned the signs for together, friend, drink, eat, more, and his colors. I especially think it is important for infants to start learning early signs for eat, drink, and more. This helps them keep from being so frustrated when they try to communicate with you at early ages. Another great idea is to teach them the signs for the potty functions. This keeps embarrassments when your child “shouts” at the top of their lungs their potty talk in front of people. My son absolutely loves to have a “secret” language he can use with just mom. Especially when I drop him at school and doesn’t want to have to be embarrassed in front of his friends when mom signs I love you and he signs it back. Not a one of them know how to sign. Though he is teaching a best friend!!!!!! And none of our family or friends needs sign language…….. I just decided it was an invaluable tool for him to learn as an infant and we have continued on with it!!!!!!!! Someday he will be multilingual (English/Spanish/Sign Language (ASL) and it will be a wonderful benefit/asset to him!!!)

I run a daycare and I care for a 2 yr old deaf boy. The first sign he learned was dog. We worked on eat and milk but he was more interested in my dog, Cheyanne I guess you could say she is his favorite sign and favorite toy.

My Grandson Morgan is 2 and has CP. The first sign we taught him was please, We have never used signing times but we are very interested in it. We would like to teach him signs for his favorite things to do like sandbox, swing, 4 wheeler etc.

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