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Kirsten, An American Girl Word Scramble

The latest in our word scrambles based on the American Girl doll historical characters is Kirsten, a brave, steadfast pioneer girl growing up on the Minnesota prairie in 1854. You can find the answers to this activity, as well as our other American Girl doll character printable activities, by visiting the Historical Characters section of the American Girl website.

American Girl Kirsten Word Scramble
American Girl Kirsten Word Scramble

Click on the image above to view and print Kirsten’s word scramble full size or Download Kirsten’s World Word Scramble as a PDF file.

For more doll fun, visit our sister site, Doll Diaries.

Kirsten and her collection have been retired by American Girl, but her stories and activities live on in books!

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[…] If you haven’t heard of the Printables for Kids website boy are you in for a treat.  Char has filled this FREE website with tons of great activities for your “getting fidgety, it’s the end of Spring Break” kids.  There are coloring pages, math worksheets, mazes and the favorite in our house… word scramble.  Printables has just posted something I know we will download as soon as Emily gets home – the Kirsten American Girl Doll Word Scramble. […]

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