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Kids love stickers, there is no getting around it, and when I was a kid the most prized stickers were the ones that you could scratch and sniff. is bringing the fun back with their great selection of scented stickers and stationery in yummy flavors like orange, chocolate, banana, strawberry, watermelon, and more.

Smell Stickers The Works Gift is the sponsor of our first Printables4Kids giveaway. By leaving a comment on this post, you can enter to win a Happy Allie “The Works” gift package which includes:

  • one (1) Smell Sticker collector Album
  • one (1) diary with lock
  • one (1) scented stationery set
  • ten (10) packs of Smell Stickers

Here’s the scoop:You can enter to win by leaving a comment on this post indicating you would like to win and letting us know what types of printable activities you would like us to add to Printables4Kids in the new year. You have to use a valid email address, because otherwise we can’t contact you if you win. Your email address is not published and will not be shared with anyone either.

For all my blogging friends or friends who run message boards or sites, you can gain an extra entry if you post about this contest. Just be sure to leave the URL in the comments so we can be sure you get your bonus entry.

Contest entries end midnight EST on December 18, 2007.

143 replies on “SmellStickers Giveaway”

As a teacher, it’s fun to have printables around for students to enjoy after they’ve finished a lesson or during indoor recess.
Even in middle school, students need to unwind and color or cut just to release a little energy. And stickers – my students will REMIND me if I’ve forgotten to place a sticker on an A paper. Oh brother, I should invest in stickers, especially the ones that smell like candy!!!

My daughter absolutely loves printables. Dot-to-Dot, Wordsearches, coloring, you name it, she loves it.

I would love to surprise her w/your wonderful giveaway!

My son really wants to get some scratch and sniff books for Christmas so I am guess he would love this prize!

He always loves mazes and dot to dots. The ones with numbers and others with letters.

I would like to win these stickers! They would be great to give away to students! I would like to see some pirate printables!

My youngest child loves stickers! I know she would go wild over these since they are smell stickers!

I have used scratch & sniff materials which I have saved from the 80’s to teach my classes of children how to speak English. The children love them and they really have helped them over the years. Unfortunately, I have used all my materials up. My classes would love to have the oportunity to learn from them. My classes are ages 4 years to 8 years of age. I have a small school which I run from home teaching English to the community children in a small town in Spain. This prize would make me and my students very happy. I hope we have a chance! Thank you

Oh gosh. I used to love these and I know my niece will. I want to get some for us to do together. Brings back memories.

This is great I would love to win. Every one loves stickers.
I would love to see more items geared towards boys

I haven’t seen a child yet that doesn’t like stickers – and “stinky” stickers are the best. We need activities that involve cutting on lines. That seems the hardest at this time. I should start a blog just to link these great contests you do! Thanks for including non-bloggers too! Thanks so much for the cool contest!

I would love to win this. Smell stickers rock! My daughter really enjoys word search printables. I’d love to see more of those. Thanks!

I know i am late in this but wanted to make a comment on your site anyway..i really enjoy it..
MAYBE MORE RELIGIOUS able to use in sunday schools and teaching at home as well about jesus!I really like this site and thanks for all the work put into it! added your site to my blog this morning…
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! ~~Pot Belly Pig at the Fireplace ! Vaccination Recall! (contest lookout as well)

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