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Thomas the Tank EngineWhen my son was younger, he could not get enough of Thomas the Tank Engine! We had all the movies, we still have a HUGE bin of track and trains, and we had countless books. Even though he has now moved on to the big boys electrical trains, there will always be a special place for Thomas in our family.

I just discovered a fun new site for all the information you could ever want on Thomas the Tank Engine called Time for Thomas. They also have a whole page of free Thomas and Friends coloring pages.

Here are some addition Thomas the Tank Engine resources:

All Aboard! Big Sale

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Aw, thanks so much, Charlene! I really appreciate it! And I know what you mean about the HUGE bin of trains and tracks. We’ve got 2 huge bins upstairs, 2 smaller bins in his room, and another HUGE bin downstairs (all separating the wooden trains from the takealongs from the motorized). He’s slowly growing out of it though, so I’m curious if he’ll move on to the electrical trains like your son did.

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