Win a Subscription to Barbie Magazine or Hot Wheels Magazine

Hot Wheels magazineIf you have a Barbie girl or a Hot Wheels crazy boy, we have got a great giveaway for you!! I am giving away four subscriptions to these new magazines for kids at my other site, Doll Diaries. Two subscriptions to the Barbie magazine will be given out and two for the Hot Wheels magazine.

Barbie magazine is a quarterly magazine for girls filled with stories and letters for real girls, cool activities, quizzes, puzzles, posters, and fun fashion trends.

Hot Wheels magazine is for boys with a high powered imagination! It also comes out 4 times a year and is jam packed with cool graphics, activities, contests, ideas and fun!

Go to the Doll Diaries site to enter the Barbie and Hot Wheels magazines giveaway.

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