Zootles – A New Magazine for Young Animal Lovers

Zootles Magazine for Kids 2-6
The publishers of Zoobooks magazine have created a new magazine just for the preschool and kindergarten audience. Zootles is full of animal fun, just like Zoobooks, and it is written to be shared with young children: pre-readers and beginning readers.

Each issues features:

• A featured letter, phonetic sound, number, color or similar educational focus… concepts to encourage young scholars

• A wonderfully illustrated animal story for bedtime, story time or anytime

• Fun backyard games and challenges for beginning scientists

• Hidden pictures, mazes and activities to captivate little problem solvers

• Otto and Allie, a curious cartoon otter and his funny hedgehog sidekick

With the holidays coming up, Zootles is a perfect gift idea – one that is educational and keeps on giving all year long.

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