Get Our Free Summer Fun Book

Summer Fun Book DownloadRanda Clay of and I have been working really hard on a secret project for the past few weeks. With summer on our doorstep, we know that the kids will be looking for things to do. We have created two printable Summer Fun Books (one for younger kids and one for older kids) full of great activities for your kids - word searches, coloring pages, pencil fun activities and more. But, they are exclusive activities that we have created as a thank you to our subscribers.

Yes, in order to get access to these fun activity books you have to subscribe to our feeds - either via a reader or you can have it delivered via email, too.

If you have already subscribed, just view our feeds via your reader (or your email) and look for the link at the bottom that says "Bonus". Follow that link to gain access to the printables. If you are having trouble with it, please leave me a comment here and I will get in touch with you.