Printable Reading Log for Kids

Reading is such an important part of our kids’ education and one way to encourage a love of reading is through creative reading logs. I love this concept of the reading tree that my super talented illustrator, Heather created. She is a super Mom who homeschools all of her children and always has fun ways to help her children learn.

How to use: Print out both sheets by clicking on the images below. Have children color the pups under the tree and the basic tree parts. The page with the blank mini books are to be cut out and attached to the tree. Have children read a book, then  write the book title on a mini book and add an illustration. Attach the mini book to the book tree that the pups are reading under.  When all 10 spaces are filled, set up a reward that the children can claim.

Feel free to use these printable reading logs in the classroom or at home and help grow happy readers!

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