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March Lion and Lamb Mask Printable Craft

You know the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” Let the kids have fun being lions and lambs by creating lion and lamb masks following the instructions below.

March Lion and Lamb printable coloring craft Printable March Lion and Lamb mask craft page 2

Click on the images above to view and print the two parts of the craft full size or get them even bigger by downloading as PDF files:

Instructions to make the March lion and lamb mask:
1.  Color:  Light Brown-  lion’s face, ear, several strips on the mane
Pink-  lion’s nose, lamb’s nose, lip,  and inside of ear
Orange and Yellow-several strips of lion’s mane
2.  Cut out the mask, ears, and strips for mane.  Cut out grey eyes if being used as a mask.
3.  Glue the ears on each side of mask.  Glue the mane along the side of the lion’s face.
4.  Use a pencil and “curl” the lion’s mane inward towards his face.
5.  Punch two holes on either side and tie ribbon or string if being used as a mask.
6.  Optional:  Use cotton on the lamb’s face to give it texture.

Have fun!

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