Chess Game Coloring Page Chess Game Coloring Page

Chess is a great game for kids of all ages to learn – it teaches patience, strategy skills, critical thinking and good sportsmanship. Here is a fun coloring page of our almost famous pups playing a game of chess. Click on the image to view and print full size. For a set of chess instructions and basic chess strategies that kids can understand,... [Read more of this article]

Print and Play Turkey Tic Tac Toe Print and Play Turkey Tic Tac Toe

A bunch of turkeys are dressed up as indians and pilgrims waiting for you to print them out, color, cut and play tic-tac-toe against your favorite opponent. Print out a few copies and paste them on cardboard and host your own Thanksgiving day tic-tac-toe tournaments. Click on the image above to print full size or download Turkey Tic Tac Toe Print,... [Read more of this article]