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Zoo Animal Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

One of our favorite family outings is to the zoo since my kids love animals! I have created a new zoo animal coloring page plus I found a whole bunch of additional zoo animal coloring pages for you to enjoy.

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We also have Zoo Animal Coloring Cards and an At the Zoo Printable Word Scramble, too.

And some more zoo coloring sheets can be found at:

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Zoo Animal Coloring Cards

Our new Zoo Animal coloring cards activity is perfect for educational fun.  Color the animal pictures then cut out to make a mini-book.  Print two copies and make a memory game.  Do some research and have the kids sort them by weight (heaviest to lightest or tallest to shortest), organize them by class–mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians (none), or by some other characteristic.  Use as zoo birthday party placemats, or have kids find five interesting facts about each animal and record them in a notebook. Be creative and have fun!