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Transformers Maze and More Printables

Optimus Prime Transformer“Transformers, more than meets the eye!” We went to see the Transformers movie on Friday and while I don’t recommend it for younger kids, it was a good movie! The robots are just so cool! I have created a maze where you help Optimus Prime transform from a robot into a truck by making your way through the maze.

Download Transformers Maze Download the Optimus Prime Transformers Maze

Here are a few more Transformers activities that I have found:

8 replies on “Transformers Maze and More Printables”

The link to the transformers maze has been fixed!! Apologies for the inconvenience.

my grandson is having a blast with these mazes. So far robots are his fave!! Thank you for helping entertain him on 4 day weekends!!!

So now he LOVES the Transformer maze and I’ve had to print 4 of them cuz it’s so fun…..he’s been so busy trying and he’s finally made it from start to finish without a mistake. He’s so happy. I LOVE these printables!! AWESOME for all ages!!!

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