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May Day Maypole Coloring Page with the Pups

Happy May! Our nearly famous pups can’t help but have fun celebrating May Day with their dance around the Maypole. Print and color then check out some of our related crafts for May Day and Mother’s Day.  How many daisies are in the picture?

May Day Maypole Celebration Coloring Page

Click on the image above to view and print the Maypole coloring page full size or download the May Day Maypole Coloring Page as a PDF file.

Visit our Mini Maypole Craft page for even more May Day fun.

2 replies on “May Day Maypole Coloring Page with the Pups”

My kids love this sight because, all the fun pages and activities here and Sasha loves the fairys and all that kinda stuff I feel really good to know I have really good fun, adorable kids! *smiles*

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