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May Day Basket Craft Pattern

Make the perfect May Day or Mother’s Day basket using our latest craft pattern. This craft requires two triangles either printed or cut out of similar paper.

May Day Daisy Basket Craft Pattern

Click on image above to view and print the pattern full size or download the May Day Basket Craft Pattern as a PDF file.

Instructions for May Day Basket craft:

  1. Color and cut out two triangles, one handle, and as many flowers as desired. (Print extra daisies).
  2. Punch holes along grey circles with a hole punch along both triangles.
  3. Use yarn or ribbon to SEW along outside edge of triangle.  Do not sew top shut!
  4. Add handle of basket to the inside center of triangles.
  5. Decorate basket with daisies, glitter, stickers, ribbon, tissue paper, tulle, and fill with candy, real flowers, a letter…or other May Day or Mother’s Day treats.

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Mini Maypole Craft

Our Mini 3-D Maypole craft can be used as a name card or lollipop/candy holder or just a little decoration to go with the rest of our May Day crafts and coloring pages.
Mini Maypole Craft Pattern and Instructions
Click on the image above to view and print the pattern full size or download the Mini Maypole 3-D Craft Pattern as a PDF file.
Instructions for the Mini Maypole Craft:

  1. Color all pieces. Streamers should be different colors.  Daisy centers yellow, petals left white.
  2. Cut out the pole. Carefully cut along dotted lines at the bottom of the pole.  Place glue along edge of flap and roll toward opposite edge of pole to create a cylinder/tube.  Once dry, fold four flaps at the bottom and the pole should stand upright.  For extra support attach to a piece of square card stock.
  3. Decorate the pole with the streamers hanging from the top and daisies overlapping around the edge.  Streamers can be curled with a pencil or wrapped and glued around the pole.
  4. Top it off with a lollipop or real flower from the garden! This makes a cute name card/place card, too.  Cut small pieces of green constructions paper and make 3-D grass around the base.

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Crafts Mothers Day

Daisy Headband Craft

Create a cute daisy headband like the girl pups in our May Day Coloring Page have on.  Perfect for May Day, Mother’s Day or even a tea party.

Daisy Headband Craft for May Day or Mothers Day

1. Click on image above to view and print full size or Download the Daisy Headband Craft Pattern as a PDF file.

2.  Color the three strips.  Cut them out and glue them end to end (will make one very long strip).  Measure circumference of head and have an adult help cut off excess length.  This will be used to create headband (head wreath).

3.  Color the center of the daisies yellow.  You can get extra daisy sheets here.  Cut the daisies out and glue them onto the headband.

4. Get creative by curling the petals, overlapping the flowers, or add glitter and ribbon.

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Coloring Pages Crafts

May Day Maypole Coloring Page with the Pups

Happy May! Our nearly famous pups can’t help but have fun celebrating May Day with their dance around the Maypole. Print and color then check out some of our related crafts for May Day and Mother’s Day.  How many daisies are in the picture?

May Day Maypole Celebration Coloring Page

Click on the image above to view and print the Maypole coloring page full size or download the May Day Maypole Coloring Page as a PDF file.

Visit our Mini Maypole Craft page for even more May Day fun.

Coloring Pages Crafts Mothers Day

Daisy Coloring Page

daisy to colorThese versatile daisies can be used for so many crafts and games. Color and cut to use as extras for our Spring Daisy Headband craft or the May Day Basket craft.

They can also be used to make a bouquet of 3-D flowers for May Day or Mother’s Day by attaching them to pipe cleaners. Or  make May Day Flashcards by adding Math problems or Capital/Lowercase letters and play “Memory”.

Page of Daisies to cut and color

Click on image to view and print the daisies full size or download Full Page of Daisies to Color as a PDF file.

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