Word Search

Our Favorite Ogre Word Search

shrek the ogreJust in time for the Shrek the Third movie release, we have created a brand new word search full of all the names of the characters and places in the Shrek movie.

Download Our Favorite Ogre (Shrek) Word Search

For more fun, visit the Shrek 3 movie site and play Shrek Soduko!

Pencil Fun

An Apple for the Teacher

appleToday is the National Education Association (NEA) Teacher Appreciation Day. Print out and complete the dot-to-dot and you will have a great apple for the teacher. Color it in and make it your own!

Download Apple Dot-to-Dot

Coloring Pages

Circus Coloring Page

Circus Coloring PagePrintables4Kids went to the carnival this week – the Carnival of Family Life to be exact. The carnival features so many great articles, tips and resources for families – you really should check it out.

I have also created a circus coloring page for the kids, too. Print it out and give it a whirl!

Download circus coloring page.

American Girl

Printable Scrapbook Ideas from American Girl


My girls love their American Girl Dolls and are forever doing crafts with them. The American Girl website has some fun printable activities, but this one is especially fun! Visit the scrapbook page to print out letters, photos, decorative frames and other fun extras for building your own unique scrapbook.

American Girl craft kits are becoming more readily available in craft and book stores. Click on the images below for more information on each craft kit and where you can purchase:

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Pencil Fun

Dot-to-Dot Rubber Ducky

duckHave fun with the latest Printables4Kids activity – our dot-to-dot rubber ducky fashioned after the picture at the left.

Once you have connected all the dots, don’t forget to draw the duck some water to swim in or a friend to play with!

Download the Duck Dot-to-Dot

Crafts Earth Day

More Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day activities for kidsEarth Day is Sunday, April 22. How will you celebrate it? If you are looking for some great activities, ideas, recipes and printables, here are a few more sites:

Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

Planet Pals

Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day: Fun Ways To Celebrate

Coloring Pages Earth Day Spring Printables

Earth Day Coloring Page

Celebrate Earth Day with the animals!

Earth Day coloring page

Click on the image above to view and print full size or download the Earth Day Coloring Page as a PDF file.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our list of the best Earth Day printables.


Sports Word Search

Hockey Word Search

The NHL playoffs are under way and our favorite team is right in the thick of it! Got a young hockey fan in the house? Challenge their love of the game with this fun word search complete with the terms of the game. He shoots! He scores…..

Hockey Word Search
Click to print hockey word search full size
Or download Hockey Word Search as a PDF file.

Pencil Fun Word Search

MonsterJam Printables

Got boys? Monster Jam Online has some printable activities that the big boys are sure to love! This year’s pack includes a monster truck Word Search, Crossword puzzle, and Create Your Own Story activity.


Math Worksheets

Math Square

Math SquareChallenge your math skills with this fun math challenge! Can you figure out which numbers go in which squares without peeking at the answers?

Download Math Square Challenge

Answer Sheet

Coloring Pages Pencil Fun Princesses

Thirteen More Printables Sites

Thursday Thirteen

There are lots of great printable activities on this site, but if you still can’t find what you are looking for or need more printables, check out thirteen of my favorites:

  1. – more than just printables and something for everyone

  2. First School – lots of preschool age activities

  3. Preschool Learners – more age appropriate activities

  4. Learning Page – high quality, educational worksheets for K-5

  5. Coloring Book Fun – a wide variety of coloring pages

  6. Coloring Page – characters and themes you know

  7. Disney Princesses – official coloring pages including Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine

  8. DLTK Coloring Pages – lots of themes and pictures to color

  9. Free Coloring Pages – coloring pages, print activities and more

  10. Looney Tunes for Kids – coloring pages of your favorites like Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Daffy and the crew

  11. PBS Kids Coloring Pages – great coloring pages of all your favorite PBS characters

  12. Printable Coloring Pages – a Squidoo lens page full of printable coloring page resources

  13. Sesame Street Coloring Pages – color all of the Sesame Street gang, plus letters, numbers and other educational themes

For more great Thursday Thirteen fun, visit the official TT hub.


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Easter Word Search

Easter Word Search

Just in time for a visit from the Easter Bunny! Print out this fun Easter themed word search puzzle to keep kids busy on the way to Grandma’s or anytime really!

Free Easter Word Search
Easter Word Search

Click the Easter Word Search image to view and print full size or download the Easter Word Search as a PDF file.

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Word Search

Ahoy Matey – Pirate Word Search

pirates tLand ho! Grab your pencil and get working on this fun Pirate themed word search puzzle.

Download Pirates Word Search

Word Search

Colors Word Search

colors tMake your world more colorful! This word search features colors from the crayon box.

Download The Crayon Box Word Search

Coloring Pages Easter

More Easter Printables

Easter printables Easter is just around the corner and the kids will be home for a few days! Get them eggs-ited about Easter with these fun Easter printables I have found.

Bunny coloring page

Religious Coloring Sheets

Lots of Easter Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Princesses

Original Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring PagesMy daughter’s absolute favorite princess coloring pages come from Princess Coloring Pages, high quality princess coloring pages illustrated by Nicole Florian. Nicole has a full e-book of her drawings available or you can download some of the sample princesses for free.

Princess Coloring Pages

Animals Word Search

Horsin’ Around Word Search Puzzle

Horse Word Search Giddy up, let’s go! It’s time to saddle up and hit the trail for a fun word search activity just for horse lovers.

Download Horsin’ Around Word Search

Trains Word Search

All Aboard – A Train Word Search

Train Word SearchAttention all young conductors! You will love our train themed word search puzzle with all the bells and whistles.

Download All Aboard – Train Word Search

Animals Coloring Pages

Cuddly Pets Coloring Sheet

Cuddly Animal Coloring SheetHere is another unique coloring sheet by Kristen Barber.  This coloring page features six individual frames with cuddly kittens and bears and a flower.

Craft idea: Color each of the individual frame pictures. Laminate the whole sheet. Cut into six segments and attach a magnet to the back of each segment for an inexpensive, one of a kind gift for teachers, parents, grandparents, and more.

Coloring Pages Sports Word Search

The Little Motorcycle

TeeZee from Racing WorldEvery little boy I have ever met can’t resist the sound of a motorcycle.  My brother (who races them) sent me a link to a cute kids page at Roadracing World that is full of fun printable activities.  They have created some really fun coloring pages, mazes and word search puzzles – all featuring TeeZee, The Little Motorcycle.

Visit The Little Motorcycle at Roadracing World

Math Worksheets

Let’s Add – Basic Addition Worksheet

Addition worksheetIt’s time to do some math! This is a basic addition worksheet for beginners. All the sums are less than 10 and it uses single digit operators. Perfect for Kindergarten and First Graders.

Download Let’s Add – a basic addition worksheet 

Pencil Fun

Printables for Playing School

ABC - Let’s play schoolMy daughter’s latest craze is playing school with all her animals and dolls. She loves to take attendance, teach them how to add, gives them grades, too. has got a whole set of free printables for the budding little teacher with a big imagination!

Sports Word Search

Gymnastics Word Search Puzzle

You will flip over this fun word search filled with terms straight from the gym!

Download Gymnastics Word Search

American Girl Word Scramble

American Girl Doll Word Scrambles

Molly - An American GirlDo you have a fan of the very popular American Girl Doll historical characters? I have started a series of word scramble activities based on the characters, their friends, family and other important words from their stories. So far I have word scrambles for Addy, Kit, Felicity and Molly. Get them all! More will be coming soon.

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Animals Coloring Pages

African Zoo Animals Coloring Page

African animals coloring pageThese one of a kind African animals were drawn by my very talented cousin and she has graciously allowed me to share them with all of you. Which animal is your favorite? I love the elephant!

How many have you seen in the zoo?

Download African Zoo Animals Coloring Page

Having a zoo themed birthday party? Check out these fun zoo themed invitations, costumes and supplies.

Pencil Fun

How Many Words Can You Make

How many words can you make pencil gameIf you like the game Boggle, then you will love these two pencil games. Start with any letter in the grid and make words by moving up, down, side to side, or diagonally from block to block. No skipping blocks to get to a letter.

How Many Words Can You Make – Sheet 1

How Many Words Can You Make – Sheet 2

Word Scramble

At the Candy Store – Word Scramble

Candy Store Word ScrambleAll the names of our favorite candy have been scrambled up! Can you unscramble them all? If you get stuck, leave me a comment and I’ll give you hints.

Download Candy Store Word Scramble

Pencil Fun

Down on the Farm AdLib

Down on the FarmGet ready to giggle as you do our version of a MadLib story – we like to call them “AdLibs”! This one is all about a trip to the farm.

The story contains blank spaces. Ask your partner to give you words to fill in the blanks (don’t tell them what the story is about or read the story aloud yet). Once all the blanks are filled in, read the whole story aloud! Get ready for a good laugh!

Download the AdLib activity

Visit our friends at for even more printable mad libs for kids!!

Birthday Coloring Pages

Happy Birthday Coloring and Activity Sheet

Happy Birthday Activity SheetThe perfect handout for Birthday Parties! The printable Birthday Party activity sheet has puzzles, coloring and pencil games.

Download the Birthday Party Activity Sheet

Get more Printable Birthday Games

Coloring Pages Easter

Easter Egg Coloring Page

Easter is right around the corner and your kids will love decorating their own Easter Eggs on this fun coloring page.

Decorate Easter Eggs Coloring Page
Design your own Easter Egg

Click on the image to view and print full size or download Easter Egg Coloring Page as a PDF file.

Visit our Easter printables category for even more Easter activities. Don’t miss this Free Personalized Easter Bunny Coloring Page either!

Easter Party Supplies