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Mars Needs Moms Printable Activities

Download Mars Needs Moms Printable ActivitiesThe crazy, out of this world, and touching movie about Martians, Moms and Mayhem, Mars Needs Moms is coming out on DVD/Blu Ray August 9, 2011. In the film, Milo must find and rescue his mom. Now, thanks to our friends at Disney,  your family can have their own intergalactic adventure with a Martian Maze and Martian Math!

Click on the banner to the right to download all four activities at once. The file is a compressed zip file with four separate PDF files inside. Or grab each activity separately below by clicking on the image of the activity you want to print.

While you are enjoying the Mars Needs Moms printables and waiting to get the movie on DVD or BluRay, here is one of the fun bonus clips called Martian 101.