Mars Needs Moms Printable Activities Mars Needs Moms Printable Activities

The crazy, out of this world, and touching movie about Martians, Moms and Mayhem, Mars Needs Moms is coming out on DVD/Blu Ray August 9, 2011. In the film, Milo must find and rescue his mom. Now, thanks to our friends at Disney,  your family can have their own intergalactic adventure with a Martian Maze and Martian Math! Click on the banner to the... [Read more of this article]

Star Trek Word Search Star Trek Word Search

Beam Me Up Scotty! Find all 25 of the Star Trek characters, space ships and related terms in our newest movie word search.  The word search activity also makes a perfect addition to a Star Trek or space themed birthday party. Star Trek Word Search Need more Star Trek printables? Visit our friends at SpaceJr. for some cool Star Trek coloring pages and... [Read more of this article]