Fathers Day

Fathers Day Printable Tool Box Activity

Dads love their tools! Print out the toolbox and the tools coloring pages. Color the toolbox in Dad’s favorite color and don’t forget to color the tools, too, then cut them all out.  The tools can be inserted into the toolbox by cutting a slit along the center line.  The tools can then be glued to the box or an additional piece of paper can be added to the back of the toolbox to create a pocket and the tools can be removed and reused.

Click on the images below to go to print them full-size:

Print and color toolbox for Father's Day gift or card Free print and color tools for Father's Day gift or card

More ideas for the Toolbox activity:

  • Make this into a unique Father’s Day card by adding a saying like: “Dad, I’m NUTS about you!” or “You’re so LEVEL-headed!”
  • Create a “Draft” (letter) telling Dad how special he is and insert it into the toolbox.
  • Label the tools and laminate (I love my 4-in-1 No-Heat Deluxe Laminator) the tools and toolbox before cutting out. Add adhesive magnetic tape to the back and make it into a refrigerator game for younger kids.
  • Use the tools and toolbox for a party game like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but make it “Put the Tools in the Toolbox”

For your little handyman:

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