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Columbus Day Coloring Page

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue! In honor of Christopher Columbus and his voyage to America, we have created a great new Columbus Day Coloring page.

Free printable columbus day coloring sheet

Click on the image above to view and print full size or download Columbus Day Coloring Sheet as a PDF file.

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Columbus Day Word Search


Printable Nutcracker Puppets

The Nutcracker ballet is one of the highlights of each Christmas season capturing the imaginations of children of all ages. Print, color and cut out the entire Nutcracker cast in our Nutcracker printable puppet activity. Once the characters are cut out, attach them to popsicle or Wood Craft Sticks using glue and have your own version of the Nutcracker.

Click on image above to view and print each set of Nutcracker characters full size or download as PDFs from below:

Here are more Nutcracker coloring, painting, sticker and related activities:

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Preschool Printables Winter

Mitten Match Preschool Printable

Can you find each matching mitten pair? Color the matching pair and then practice your cutting skills. Cut each mitten out and play the matching game again. Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten fun and other early learners!

Match the Mittens Preschool Math
Match the Mittens Preschool Math
Click on the image above to view and print the Mitten Math worksheet full size or download printable Mitten Match preschool worksheet as a PDF file.

Get more preschool printables!

Coloring Pages

Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterflies are some of my daughter’s favorite things to color or draw herself. At her request I have made a whole set of butterfly coloring pages for you to print and color. All of the images are the same size – print and color the whole set and make a butterfly booklet.

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Printable Tool Box Activity

Dads love their tools! Print out the toolbox and the tools coloring pages. Color the toolbox in Dad’s favorite color and don’t forget to color the tools, too, then cut them all out.  The tools can be inserted into the toolbox by cutting a slit along the center line.  The tools can then be glued to the box or an additional piece of paper can be added to the back of the toolbox to create a pocket and the tools can be removed and reused.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day Basket of Flowers Coloring Craft

Tired of the same old Mothers Day crafts for your students or kids? Our latest color & cut craft is perfect for teaching kids about flowers (their names & colors) and put it all together to make an adorable keepsake for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Have children color the basket and flowers (be sure to print both pages). Then either cut them out for the children or let them do it themselves if they are able. Glue the basket on a piece of card stock or construction paper, then glue the flowers into the basket. Add a sweet message for Mom and its ready to go!

Mothers Day Basket of Flowers Craft Flowers to cut and color

Click on the images above to view and print the Mother’s Day Craft pages full size or you may download them as PDF files from below.

With summer coming up, I have decided to stock up early on construction paper, art supplies, and other creative goodies for my kids. I just found Discount School Supplies – they have THE BEST selection of art supplies for kids of all ages, abilities and they have special needs school supplies too (like gluten free playdough!) I have also found great deals on craft supplies at CreateForLess and I am loving the Paper Source Crafts kits for kids, too – they are so creative and cute.

Hidden Pictures

Goldilocks & The Three Bears Hidden Picture Activity Sheet

hidden-pictures-goldilocks-3-bearsGoldilocks has done more than just break Baby Bear’s chair and eat his porridge!  She has hidden several items as well. Can you find Mama Bear’s nightgown, toothbrush, and purse?  Help Papa Bear find his watch, bow tie, fishing pole, and glasses?  What has she done with Baby Bear’s baseball, toy truck, sock, banana, baseball bat, and spoon?  Color the picture and circle the missing items!  Shh…don’t wake Goldilocks while you’re searching!


Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Hidden Picture
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Hidden Picture

Click on image above to view and print the Goldilocks Hidden Picture activity full size or download the Goldilocks & The 3 Bears Hidden Picture Activity as a PDF file. Download the Goldilocks Hidden Picture Answer Key (also a PDF file)

This hidden pictures worksheet is the perfect supplementary activity for teachers, homeschool or just preschool story time with Mom or Dad.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Show Mom how much you love her with our two new coloring pages for Mother’s Day! Color the flowers to fit Mom’s style or use your own imagination – she’s guaranteed to love it! Add some glitter, fabric, or jewels to make it really sparkle.

Click on images above to view and print full size or download as PDFs from list below:

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