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Lion King Father’s Day Printables

Our friends at Disney would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day on behalf of The Lion King (3D Version in theaters September 16th, and on Blu-ray & Blu-ray 3D October 4th)! Who’s a better paternal role model than the brave and just Mufasa? And what’s a more heart-warming relationship than the one Simba has with his Dad? To celebrate, we present you with Father’s Day themed activity sheets and father-son themed film clips below.

Click on the images above to view and print them full-size. Or you may download all the activities as a ZIP file through this link.

Now for some fun clips of Mufasa and Simba!

Simba’s Pouncing Lesson

Simba Wakes Mufasa

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Fathers Day

Fathers Day Printable Briefcase Activity

Growing up I always thought there was something magical about Dad’s briefcase and what it contained – everything seemed so important!  Just in time for Father’s Day, we have a printable briefcase with all the important stuff kids can put in the briefcase like Dad’s keys, cell phone, watch, to-do list, and more.

Directions for the Father’s Day printable briefcase activity:

  1. Print two copies of the briefcase. (click on the image above to view and print full size)
  2. Print one copy of dad’s “stuff”/items.
  3. Color and cut all pieces.
  4. Glue the bags and handles on either side of a sturdy folder with the crease at the bottom or glue to card stock and staple/glue bottom edges together.
  5. Write messages on the back of each item for Dad. Examples: “I love you!”, “It’s “time” to tell you how great you are!” (watch), “Everyone can “see” what an awesome dad you are!”(glasses), “Super DAD” (I.D.)
  6. Place items in briefcase.
  7. Give it to Dad for Father’s Day or birthday.

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Fathers Day Mazes

Father’s Day Maze

The kids got Dad a snazzy new tie for Father’s Day, but they can’t find him. Help them navigate through our fun, printable maze to find Dad!

Fathers Day Maze
Click to view and print the Fathers Day Maze full size.

Or download the Father’s Day Maze as a PDF file.

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Father’s Day Deals & Ideas:

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Printable Tool Box Activity

Dads love their tools! Print out the toolbox and the tools coloring pages. Color the toolbox in Dad’s favorite color and don’t forget to color the tools, too, then cut them all out.  The tools can be inserted into the toolbox by cutting a slit along the center line.  The tools can then be glued to the box or an additional piece of paper can be added to the back of the toolbox to create a pocket and the tools can be removed and reused.

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Printables

Fathers Day printablesFather’s Day is almost here! We have collected some of our favorite Father’s Day printable activities just in time for Dad’s big day.