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A is for Apple – A Candy Apple – Coloring Page

Ready for fall?  Use our A is for Apple coloring page to help early readers such as preschoolers and Kindergarteners  learn that “A” is for apple with a fun fall rhyme. Don’t forget to color in the cheerful candy apple, too.

A is for Apple coloring printable

Click on the image above to view and print the A is for Apple coloring activity or download the A is for Apple Coloring Page as a PDF file.

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Apple for the Teacher dot-to-dot

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Back-to-School Preschool Printables

Wheels on the Bus Printable Activity

One of the most popular songs with the preschool age group when it comes time to go back to school is the “Wheels on the Bus.” Use our printable Wheels on the Bus activity in conjunction with getting the kids ready to go back to school or first days of school activities.

Color the bus and its parts, then help little ones cut out the wheels, wipers and more to attach to their bus picture. We recommend using brads or something similar so that the wheels will still roll and the wipers will still swish.

Movies & TV Preschool Printables

Blues Clues Coloring Pages

We were going through my daughter’s books the other day and we came across one of her all time favorites – Blues Clues. I decided to bring Blue back in the form of a few new coloring pages that could be used for flashcards, gift tags, scrapbook accents, or party decorations.

Click on the images above to view and print each page full size. You might also like:

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Preschool Printables

Clever Kids Preschool Printables

Kellogg’s just released a fun new line of fruit snacks for kids called Clever Kids. We had the opportunity to sample a few boxes of the yummy fruit snacks as part of my position as a SnackPicks Mom by way of one of my other sites. My kids really loved the super soft, very fruity alphabet and number shaped Clever Kids fruit snacks. Even my teenage son thought it was amusing to  see if he could make words from the letters.

All of the Clever Kids boxes have fun educational activities for the kids on them but if you want a few more activities, they have an entire page of printable alphabet and number activities for preschoolers. Here are a few of them – be sure to visit the Clever Kids site for even more printables and money saving coupons too.

Coloring Pages Preschool Printables

Preschool Alphabet Coloring Pages

Use these alphabet coloring pages to help early readers learn their letters and the sounds associated with the letters. Print and color the individual letters, then assemble into an alphabet book or print on cardstock for use as flashcards. Or print two sets and use for a memory game.

Click on each image below to print full size:

alphabet-coloring-a Alphabet Coloring Page Letter B Alphabet Coloring Page Letter C Alphabet Coloring Page Letter D Alphabet Coloring Page Letter E Alphabet Coloring Page Letter F Alphabet Coloring Page Letter G Grasshopper Alphabet Coloring Page Letter H Hearts Alphabet Coloring Page Letter I Igloo Alphabet Coloring Page Letter J Jack-o-Lantern Alphabet Coloring Page Letter K Key Alphabet Coloring Page Letter L Lily Alphabet Coloring Page Letter M Alphabet Coloring Page Letter N Necktie Alphabet Coloring Page Letter O Owl Alphabet Coloring Page Letter P Pineapple Alphabet Coloring Page Letter Q Quail Alphabet Coloring Page Letter R Rabbit Alphabet Coloring Page Letter S Snail Alphabet Coloring Page Letter T Toy Alphabet Coloring Page Letter U Umbrella Alphabet Coloring Page Letter V Violin Alphabet Coloring Page Letter W Wagon Alphabet Coloring Page Letter X Xylophone Alphabet Coloring Page Letter Y Yarn Alphabet Coloring Page Letter Z Zipper

We have more alphabet coloring pages including a Sesame Street Alphabet coloring page and preschool alphabet coloring pages featuring 2-3 letters per page.

Hidden Pictures

Goldilocks & The Three Bears Hidden Picture Activity Sheet

hidden-pictures-goldilocks-3-bearsGoldilocks has done more than just break Baby Bear’s chair and eat his porridge!  She has hidden several items as well. Can you find Mama Bear’s nightgown, toothbrush, and purse?  Help Papa Bear find his watch, bow tie, fishing pole, and glasses?  What has she done with Baby Bear’s baseball, toy truck, sock, banana, baseball bat, and spoon?  Color the picture and circle the missing items!  Shh…don’t wake Goldilocks while you’re searching!


Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Hidden Picture
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Hidden Picture

Click on image above to view and print the Goldilocks Hidden Picture activity full size or download the Goldilocks & The 3 Bears Hidden Picture Activity as a PDF file. Download the Goldilocks Hidden Picture Answer Key (also a PDF file)

This hidden pictures worksheet is the perfect supplementary activity for teachers, homeschool or just preschool story time with Mom or Dad.

Coloring Pages Preschool Printables

The Three Little Pigs Coloring Page

3 little pigs coloring pageWho’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not these three little pigs!! Kids will have fun coloring the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf in our latest free worksheet. There is also a color-by-number version of this printable available.

Download the Three Little Pigs Coloring Page

This coloring page is the perfect supplementary activity for teachers, homeschool or just preschool story time with Mom or Dad. Some of my favorite variations of the Three Little Pigs story are:

Color By Number Preschool Printables

Three Little Pigs Color By Number

3-little-pigs-color-by-numberKids love color by number activities and The 3 Little Pigs are ready for some coloring fun!  The color key is included on the worksheet.

Animals Halloween Preschool Printables

Count and Color Dogs Fall Festival

dogs picking pumpkins activity sheetOur Dog Days of Summer count and color activity was so popular, we have created another count and color sheet staring the dogs! Count how many pumpkins, apples and dogs are in the picture and then color the page. Perfect for preschoolers, great for grade schoolers, too!

Back-to-School Coloring Pages Preschool Printables

More Alphabet Coloring Pages

Kids will have fun learning their letters with our alphabet coloring pages! These worksheets are perfect for preschool and some kindergarten aged children. Each alphabet coloring sheet features 3 letters and a picture for each letter. Encourage your child or students to identify the letter, sound out the word, then color the pictures. For students who are ready for more challenge, have them cut out the letters and pictures and glue them onto another sheet while matching the correct letter and picture.

Click each image below to view and print at full size.

Or print them out as PDF files.